How to get pregnant with your first IVF trial?

How to get pregnant with your first IVF trial?

Successful IVF from the first time – statistics say that such luck does not always happen. According to different clinics, the percentage of such cases is very unstable. Some give a guarantee of 15%, others say about the probability of 60%. It all depends on the level of training of medical staff, the quality of equipment, and, of course, on the state of health of the woman herself.

What factors influence the success of the procedure?

Imagine that there is no doubt about the experience of doctors and the level of the clinic. But there are physiological features of a particular organism. So you should not dwell on the stories of other people from which time IVF turned out – statistics, although an exact science, still will not give a reliable forecast. Everything will depend on individual initial parameters:

  • Age of the woman. The percentage of successful IVF from the first time is exceptionally high if the patient is younger than 35 years old.
  • The cause of infertility. Some can be eliminated quickly and then it can be possible to have successful IVF from the first time. Tubular factor, for example, is not an obstacle to pregnancy and childbirth appears in 30% of cases.
  • The duration of infertility and the facts of previous attempts to conduct IVF. Before the procedure, a woman undergoes a course of hormone therapy. And it affects the psychological state. The calmer the patient, the better the hormones. So it is better to forget about past failures and believe in the best.
  • The lifestyle of the patient. Harmful habits such as smoking or alcohol interfere at the stage of hormonal therapy and increase the risk of obtaining low-quality biomaterial.
  • Embryos: their quantity and quality. The more germs turned out, the more opportunities there are for choosing the strongest and healthiest.


Is it possible to increase the IVF success chances?

In most cases, the answer is straightforward – “yes”. To do this, you need to carefully listen to all the recommendations of the doctor on how to prepare for IVF, so that you get pregnant from the first trial. Believe, his advice will be doable:

  • Bring your weight to the physiological norm. Even if there is an excess, do not rush to go on a rigid diet. Just exclude fatty foods, sweets and flour products. And also choose the optimal physical activity. Maybe not so fast, but the weight will go, but the main thing – losing weight will not become a stress for the body.
  • Give up bad habits. Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes and coffee in advance.
  • Do not take “extra” drugs. Surprisingly, an oversupply of vitamins or dietary supplements will not benefit. It is better to stop at the means that the fertility specialist prescribes.
  • Take care of your health. Go through a detailed examination – the doctor should know as much as possible about chronic diseases and your condition as a whole. Also, try to avoid colds and viral infections; they weaken the body.
  • Think positive. Yes, IVF and pregnancy are exciting events. But try to be less afraid and worry. The less stress, the more comfortable and more successful the treatment is.


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