How is infertility treated?

How is infertility treated?

The diagnosis “infertility” and the words “you will never have children,” fortunately, are not the same thing. Nowadays there are a lot of solutions for infertile couples.

What is infertility

But before talking about treatment, we need to clarify that there is absolute and relative, primary and secondary infertility. In the first case, we are talking about irreversible causes: obstruction of the fallopian tubes, the absence of ovaries or the uterus, etc. But even in this case, the following options are possible: surrogacy and donation of oocytes.

Relative infertility is treatable. Primary infertility – occurs when the couple is trying for their first baby. The term “secondary” is used if the woman already has children, but she cannot become pregnant again.

Infertility solutions

Infertility can be treated with the help of 4 different methods: using drugs, surgical, psychological and with the help of reproductive technologies. The method is chosen individually in each case.

Doctors eliminate hormonal disorders, inflammatory diseases and immunological problems.

Surgical intervention is used for minimally invasive, careful impact on the pelvic organs and their examination. The most common methods are laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

Psychotherapy is required to normalise a woman’s state of mind. Often, patients cannot become pregnant, not because of physiological problems, but because of stress. The depressed state of the psyche causes hormonal failure and other abnormalities.

Reproductive technologies would come to the rescue if the three previous methods were powerless. It uses IVF – when the sperm and egg merge outside the body. The embryo spends the first days of development “in vitro” and then placed in the mother’s body. If a woman’s body does not produce eggs or they are of poor quality, donor oocytes are used. When the patient is not able to endure the baby herself, they choose a surrogate mother.

As you can see, modern methods of infertility treatments suggest a way out of almost any situation. The fact that a few decades ago was considered an irreparable tragedy today seems unpleasant, but surmountable difficulty. And thanks to medicine, more and more people who dream of children are fulfilling their cherished desire. Agree, it is much safer than infertility treatment folk remedies or healers.

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