When do you need an egg donor?

When do you need an egg donor?

For an IVF procedure, an oocyte donor, that is, an egg cell is not always needed. The need arises only if for some reason not possible to obtain enough amount of good quality eggs from the mother.

We list the most common reasons below:

  • Menopause
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Poor ovarian reserve
  • Low probability of pregnancy with own oocytes
  • A woman is more than 38-40 years old, and there is a risk of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities
  • The future mother has genetic disorders or diseases that can be inherited
  • Previous chemotherapy9

What do you do if you need an egg donor?

There are special egg donation programs – their task is to find suitable candidates for the role of donors, check their health status and carefully match them with future parents. 

IVF Doctors study the dossier, which shows all the basic information. Not just age, blood type and Rh factor, but also race, appearance, and even a hobby. In some cases, there are donors of oocytes with photos – the completeness of the profile depends on the conditions of a particular program and the legislation of the country where the couple will have their IVF treatment.

The second way is an independent search for a suitable candidate. Announcements “need a donor of oocytes” on the Internet are not uncommon. And the majority of IVF clinics are ready to work with donors chosen by future parents.

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