Male infertility is one of the common causes of a couple’s inability to conceive. Some couples may not be psychologically ready to accept the sperm donor option. However, sperm donation treatment can be the only right option for couples suffering from male infertility as it presents a fantastic opportunity to achieve pregnancy.

Who can benefit from Sperm donation?

  • Patients with low sperm count and poor sperm quality
  • Patients with Azoospermia (no live sperm can be found in the semen)
  • Male partner has genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities
  • Single women wishing to have their own child

Before Sperm donation treatment, the female patient has to go through a fertility assessment to make sure that her fertility condition is appropriate for IVF treatment. Following the fertility assessment procedure, couples can move forward to donor matching step.

 Couples can choose known or anonymous sperm donor programs.

Nowadays Reproductive IVF centres are supplying donor sperm from Sperm Banks which meticulously comply with the known, genetic, microbial screening standards. Some IVF clinics can share primary personal data and even a baby photo of a chosen donor.

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