How to choose an IVF clinic?

How to choose an IVF clinic?

Where to do an IVF treatment is a fateful decision. Health depends on it – both women’s and her future babies. To make it easier for you to figure out how to choose one of the hundreds of clinics, we have prepared this publication.

What to pay attention?

Qualification of doctors. No matter how right the equipment is, everything depends on the “human factor”. Reproductive specialist examines a woman and selects the best way to prepare her. And then he or she monitors all stages of IVF treatment. The success of the procedure depends on his decisions.  From the other hand, an embryologist, a physician who monitors the development of the fetus “in vitro”, plays an equally important role.

How to check the qualifications of doctors? First, their diplomas and certificates should be published in the public domain or available by patients request. Explore the clinic website. Secondly, there are many forums where women who have done IVF share their experiences. Read their reviews and stories about doctors.

The level of the clinic. A lot depends on the place of the procedure. And the matter is not only in the quality of the equipment but even in the general atmosphere itself and the attitude of the staff towards the patients.

Example: you need to do IVF on a specific day of the cycle. And what if it comes on a day off? Do you have to be nervous, wait and postpone the process at a time convenient for the clinic with additional drug stimulation? It is not right. Doctors should adapt to your biological clock, and not vice versa.

How to choose a clinic for IVF? Estimate at least by the photo: how cosy, tidy and aesthetic the hospital rooms seem to you. It is okay if the medical institution has ISO certificates and other documents confirming the quality of service.

The location of the IVF centre is not so important – you will have to visit it only 2-3 times. And if we are talking about a foreign medical institution, you have to go abroad once and spend from 7 to 14 days under the supervision of physicians.

Additional service. Suppose you decide to go to a foreign clinic. How to communicate with the medical staff? Discuss treatment and learn the news? That’s right; you need an experienced translator. And even better – a personal curator who will be in touch around the clock and seven days a week.  If any questions occur, or something happens – this person will either help himself or immediately contact the attending physicians.

 How can we help?

IVF Experts International consulting agency works with the best IVF centres. Which clinic to choose is up to you, of course. But our experts will help to collect information about doctors, medical institutions and suggest several options that are right for you.

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